Gaining my Master of Arts in Fine Art has enabled me to really evolve as an artist by honing my practical skills and refining my art practice with relevant theory and research. I am using what I have gained from my studies as a focus for my portraiture work and to reach out to others who are interested in all that art has to offer.

I attempt to draw out and reflect back to the viewer the hidden narrative behind the face. Not all portraiture relies upon the face for identification. There are gestures, postures and personal symbols, all of which denote our identity and individuality. Recent experiences have caused me to question my own identity and how that is constructed and deconstructed is a continual thread throughout my paintings. Hence the work you see here, mostly commissioned portraiture, which develops and informs my art practice.

I specialise in oil paint and also enjoy working in inks, graphite, watercolour, acrylic and lino print.
All of my work is undertaken using the best quality materials which, as well as promoting longevity, produces the best results.

I am keen to be involved with community projects and committed to increasing accessibility to art for everyone, spreading the word about how incredible art is.

I would be happy to discuss with you any commission, collaboration or project ideas you may have.
You can email me on my contact page, with no obligation.

The Artist